haloumi salad on large platter

Lentil and Halloumi Salad

A fresh, light and healthy halloumi salad that is fantastic for a crowd, to serve for a family or to enjoy as a weeknight side dish. This is a jam packed salad that will leave you feeling fuller for longer. Well hello! Happy Wednesday/Tuesday depending on where you’re at in the world. It’s been a…

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white wine spritzer glass

Summertime White Wine Spritzers

A quick and easy cocktail, that is beautifully light and fresh for the summer! These white wine spritzers with rosemary, lemon and ginger are guaranteed to be on your menu this summer! Make individual, or whip up a pitcher, these white wine spritzers scream summertime entertaining!  Happy almost Spring to my American friends! While the…

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easy minestrone soup in large white bowl

Easy Minestrone Soup

The mother of all soups, this easy minestrone soup will leave you feeling good, full and like you’ve inhaled a week’s worth of veggies!  I call this soup ‘soup-a-geddon’. Why? Because it is the biggest pot of soup you may ever make. No jokes. This minestrone soup is freaking huge! If you ever need to…

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